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More Trades, More Cashback

SuperForex partners earn money in two main ways:

  1. By building a growing network of affiliated clients.
  2. By encouraging your current affiliated clients to trade more actively.

Our Automatic Rebate System is an excellent tool that can help you achieve these goals.

How does it work?

The rebate system is based on the concept of giving a part of your commission back to traders, feeding funds into their accounts in order to stimulate them to trade more. You can specify the amount of rebate in pips that you are willing to share, and then this would automatically be sent to your affiliate clients when you earn commission from their trades. This creates a healthy cycle of exchange: your clients trade, generating commission for you; you share back a part of your earnings with your clients, helping them to trade more, creating more commission for you, and so on. This is good for motivating your existing clients, but it can also be a deciding factor for a client looking to join an affiliate group - they are likely to favor a partner who shares their earnings through a rebate system rather than one who does not. Overall, you will be able to enjoy higher profits and your clients will be happier.

Setting it up

Head over to the Partner’s Cabinet and go to the Rebate System tab on the left. This would take you to a list of all of your affiliated clients. In the Commission column you can specify how much rebate you want to share with the client - you can use different amounts for different clients, favoring some over others. You can also keep the rebate off on certain clients, if you prefer. You have complete control over the system. Remember to press Save every time you make changes.

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SuperForex grants access to all the major trading platforms in the world. Our users may benefit from a brief Forex training course by opening a free demo account and learn the basic steps of managing their funds on the foreign exchange (FX) market.

Trading with SuperForex is simple. We cooperate with some of the leading banks and payment processors worldwide that allow for 24-hour processing of all client trades on the FX market. Every user with who has registered a live trading account with us gets direct access to the FX market, contracts for differences (CFD), indices and wide range of futures.

Risk notice: CFD and FX trading on margin carry high levels of risk. Traders should ensure they understand the risks associated with leveraged CFD and FX trading before deciding to trade.

Nevertheless SuperForex guarantees the safety of traders’ monetary assets and protects them from non-trading risks. Although we cannot promise a profit on Forex, we provide our traders with some of the best trading conditions, including bonuses of up to 120% and regular special offers.


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